At HW Publishing, we believe that serious writers should have the opportunity to see their work in print. If your submission meet our standards, we will work with you to polish your manuscript for publication.  It's that simple. We will stay in contact with you throughout the process. Self publishing is a partnership that requires a great deal from the author. You must be willing to market your work. 

We pride ourselves on being fair and doing business with integrity. You will never pay for any error we make. We will correct it at our expense.

We insist that YOU copyright your work. With HW Publishing, you retain ALL of your rights. The price for publication will depend upon the following factors:
Type of work, (i.e. poems, fiction, memoirs, series,)   
Word count,
Book size,
Editing services
Illustrator services

If your manuscript is already edited and illustrated (if needed), your publishing fee will be on the lower scale. HW Publishing believes that there are millions of writers out there who just want a chance to publish their work. Our goal is to help you get there as professionally and honestly as possible.
We thank you in advance for your interest in our company!