Dishonorably Interred
Colonel John Moore was a career officer. His plan, however, to retire Brigadier General, never materialized because of multiple moral flaws in his character that came to light. The punishment behind those revelations pushed him to the edge. Assigned to supervise the cataloging of the newly found wealth of the emergent democratic nation of Iraq after the rule of Saddam Hussein, he orchestrates a plan to steal $11 million of this new-found wealth and ship it to the United States.He methodical chooses, and develops the talents of three of his subordinates whose expertise solidifies his plans. Unbeknownst to them, he also knows the weaknesses of each of them and uses that as leverage. Originally, his plan called for four subordinates but, in the very early planning stages, one of them had to be eliminated. Colonel Moore was the master of the plan, but as plans go it had its flaws. The question became, who would see the light of day to reap the rewards of the bounty which lies amongst generations of family veterans who were honorably interred.  
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