Liam's Story

Centenarian Liam Corcoran tells his family story.  He is the son of an Irish immigrant who travels with his mother and sister from Quincy, Massachusetts to Norwich, Connecticut after the death of his father in1914. His mother arranges for them to board with a large Italian family while she searches for employment. His life changes quickly only days after arriving at the boarding house when his mother and sister die from pneumonia. He becomes a fourteen year old orphan.

The kindness and generosity of the man, woman and their family at the boarding house, changes his life forever when they welcome him in as a member. With much gratitude, he accepts their love and guidance. He expresses his love for them in this story.

During his journey through life, he serves in two world wars, celebrates marriage and the births of his children, many nieces and nephews and mourns their deaths one by one as he outlives them and the friends he held close.

Liam tells his story to his great-grand daughter and her aspiring author boyfriend from the bed of his convalescent home as he slowly recovers from a stroke that has afflicted his body, but not his mind. The story telling is therapeutic. He finishes the telling after leaving the hospital and living in an assisted living center. His religious beliefs, values, patriotism and crass personality exposes the reader to Liam’s mind.  This is Liam’s Story.

Tommy Coletti

June 2012

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